gentle cleansing made joyful

All kids are different in their own special way and with this in mind we have partnered with Dove to develop a new range of specifically formulated skin and hair care products that celebrate kids’ uniqueness and inner beauty.

  • Client / Dove
  • Work / Brand
  • Year / 2021

Dove Self-Esteem Project

Dove Kids Care is part of the Dove Self Esteem Project (DSEP) which has been teaching self-confidence to young people since 2004 and is the largest self-esteem educator in the world.  The premise behind the project is that young people are much more capable of reaching their full potential when they have a true sense of self-worth.


This new range encourages children to recognise and embrace their differences and the uniqueness that makes them who they are with each product bringing to life and celebrating a positive affirmation to help champion positive mental changes in outlook.

We collaborated with children’s book illustrator Lucy Fleming, whose illustration style and  love of creating quirky yet compelling characters felt completely in tune with our aspirations for the new range.

real and unique

Lucy has successfully hand-crafted a bespoke group of illustrated kids from diverse backgrounds who feel real and unique rather than contrived and perfect.

This is Dove at its most playful. We’ve adjusted the brand’s tone of voice and its expression to be more appropriate for young kids without feeling too babyish.  The range design and illustrations are warm and gentle using a carefully selected complementary colour palette to Dove core.  We wanted to appeal to a wide range of young kids while still delivering the authority and brand recognition of Dove.

‘Dove Kids Care is unmistakably for kids.  Most products in the category either cater for Mums with a minimalist design, or are designed for kids with very few efficacy cues to reassure Mums. PB has succeeded in communicating to both audiences with a beautifully playful range design which we’re sure will engage our diverse young audience.’

Nikita Sona, Senior Global Brand Manager, Baby Dove, Kids & Experiential Bath