a makeover for the instagram generation

Consumers have a deep affection for Zoflora.  The brand’s loyal customer base has passed their love for the product down through the generations.  However, with a new generation of Instagram-loving Zoflora fans and a proliferation of ‘me-too’ copy-cats entering the market, it was time to revisit the brand’s range design and cement Zoflora as the market leader in the category.

  • Client / Zoflora
  • Work / Brand
  • Year / 2021

Zoflora is proudly manufactured in the UK and is the country’s leading disinfectant brand.  It has been helping UK households stay safe from germs for almost 100 years. Its range of beautifully fragranced perfumer developed, concentrated disinfectants is inspired by nature and represents the perfect partner for a hygienically clean home.  The brand’s 3-in-1 action formula kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that cause illness, whilst eliminating odours and filling homes with beautiful, long-lasting fragrance.

contemporary & desirable

Zoflora brand owner Thornton & Ross briefed us to create a more contemporary and desirable look and feel for the brand that was more appealing and relevant to new consumers with increased stand out on shelf but without alienating the brand’s existing and very loyal consumers.

championing the fragrance story

We also wanted to celebrate the abundance and explosion of ingredients within the products and champion the fragrance story of each variant whilst still communicating the efficacious nature of the product.

With a unique and diverse range of ingredients, it was clear that we needed to develop a strong design system that was robust enough to work across a large number of fragrance variants while giving us the scope to communicate a distinct product story that was easy to understand. The addition of the tag line ‘A little goes a long way’ helps to clarify the formulation’s efficacious and concentrated nature.

By also refreshing the Zoflora colour palette and strengthening the fragrance story, we’ve created a bold, fresh new range design that retains the brand’s uplifting personality, but now makes it more relevant and appealing to a new generation of Zoflora devotees.

‘PB’s new range design delivers instant fragrance impact and product clarity. The team has succeeded in modernising Zoflora without losing its distinctive character and whilst striking the difficult balance between fragrance and efficacy.  This new contemporary classic aesthetic will allow Zoflora to continue to lead in the category and to communicate clearly to a new generation of Zoflora consumers.’

Sarah Fozzard, Head of Marketing, Home Hygiene, Thornton & Ross